Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Jonas & James Kitchens?

    Jonas & James kitchens are exclusive with market leading choice and specification, at the kind of affordable value you associate with The Range.

  • Surely all kitchen doors are the same, I've seen white gloss doors everywhere I've looked?

    Kitchen doors can look similar but they can be manufactured in many different ways. Our designers will explain the differences to you and demonstrate why our doors are better than any national competitor.

  • Surely everyone says their product is the best?

    Actually in kitchens they don't. Most of our competitors will talk about a shiny new kitchen but rarely how it's manufactured. We explain everything to you and then let you make the decision for yourself.

  • How can I understand kitchen cabinets simply?

    There's 4 main things to consider. The thickness of the cabinet, the edging, the thickness of the back panel and the colours available. Put simply, thicker is better and more colour choices let you co-ordinate with your doors. A cabinet that's not edged can blow when water or moisture gets into it, not a good look.

  • I'm not particularly confident in measuring my current kitchen, can you help?

    We understand that not everyone will be confident and that a new kitchen is a considerable investment. That's why one of our experienced designers will visit your home to check every measurement before your kitchen is finalised.

  • How will I know what my kitchen is going to look like, I've not bought one for years?

    We understand, buying a new kitchen isn't something you do everyday. We've invested in design software that produces both 2D plans and 3D visuals at any angle you like so you get a real understanding of how it'll look.

  • I don't suppose you can give me anything with virtual reality?

    Yes we can! You'll be able to view your new kitchen design with virtual reality goggles instore with us and the beauty of it is that it's so easy.

  • I've already seen a kitchen I like somewhere else, do you offer the same one?

    Our unique brand match selector shows you our equivalent product in seconds and our feature comparison tool will show you why our product is better. Our designer can explain this to you in person or send us your plan online to get a like for like quote

  • Do Jonas & James kitchens have a guarantee?

    Yes, we have a 10 year guarantee on all kitchen furniture.

  • How expensive are your kitchens?

    We believe our kitchens will offer the best value for money in the UK. Every kitchen is different but we've shown some real examples in our brochure to show small, medium and large examples. If that's not enough, we've got 0% finance available to make the cost even more affordable.